Glass Jars Become a Quadpack Best-Seller

Quadpack, one of Europe’s fastest-growing independent packaging groups, is pleased to announce that its glass jars product range has become a Quadpack best-seller.

Quadpack product manager Marta Albanell, who has 21 years of experience in glass manufacturing, is not surprised: “Glass has many benefits over plastic for cosmetics packaging. It has a higher perceived value, it is environmentally friendly and perhaps most importantly it is 100% product compatible. Coupled with our knowledge of the skincare sector and our ability to deliver in high volumes at competitive prices, glass is sure to be a winner.”

Glass also has multiple decoration options; it can be spray-coated, flux-printed, frosted, hot-stamped and silk-screened.

Quadpack is able to provide bespoke glass packaging solutions as well as a variety of standard sizes and formats, ideal for supermarkets or high-street chemists who need affordable, off-the-shelf products for house skincare or cosmetics ranges. Our standard jar selection offers multiple options for caps (including PP and matt or brilliant aluminium), shapes (including egg-shaped), and sizes (5ml-50ml).

Quadpack already delivers a range of standard and bespoke glass products to a number of filling companies, distributors and pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies. Current indications are that the upward trend for glass product sales is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

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