'Baseball Cap' Made by Seidel to Preview at Cosmoprof 2007 - Packaging Gateway
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‘Baseball Cap’ Made by Seidel to Preview at Cosmoprof 2007

Direct beauty seller AVON’s new signature fragrance, ‘Derek Jeter Driven’ (named after the famous New York Yankees baseball star), comes in a light blue bottle with a sleek silver cap.

The unique cap is made from deep-drawn ultrapure aluminium and its rectangular shape completes the bottle’s design perfectly. The smooth shiny silver anodised aluminium surface was laser-engraved with the fragrance name and fitted with a light-blue translucent plastic plate on top, appearing in the same colour as the light-blue glass bottle.

Seidel will exhibit this unique cap and many more new packaging design components at Cosmoprof’s pavilion 20 (booth B43 C38).

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