tna introduces the tna intelli-flav® 2 flavouring system, which combines consistent application with delicate handling for even flavour distribution, with minimal flavour loss and less product damage.

tna’s intelli-flav® 2 flavouring system delivers consistent flavour and optimum coverage by automatically adjusting load balance to match product demand. A bias-cut feeder (electromagnetic distributor) inside the drum also creates an even curtain of flavour.

tna’s intelli-flav® 2 breaks new ground with smart software flavouring technology. Patented software measures flavour levels and application times to monitor and self-regulate the feed-rates. By proportionally distributing product to the feeder/flavouring system and controlling the load balance, the flavour drum maintains maximum flavouring runtime and avoids under or over-flavouring.

When the product flow rate changes, a corresponding change in the flavour rate ensures the correct ratio of flavour to product is delivered. The need to use the last system for overflow is eliminated, as product can be perfectly and proportionally distributed. Settings are retained as a recipe on a touchpad for simple turnkey operation. A no-clog drum and gateless conveying pans require no tools, making changeover even quicker.

The lightweight polymer drum provides superior performance and is easily removed by one person in less than a minute without any special tools. Cleaning is remarkably easy; there are no heavy steel parts requiring a significant amount of time and effort to remove and clean.

The tna intelli-flav® 2 flavouring system can integrate into virtually any distribution and packaging system. Together with the tna roflo® 3 transfer and distribution system and tna robag® 3 vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging equipment, tna’s intelli-flav® flavouring system saves floor space and eliminates product damage at all points of distribution and packaging.