Closure options for the Australian steel industry are being transformed, thanks to VIP Packaging, with the most innovative breakthrough in sealing mechanisms that the small drums and pails market has seen in recent years.

Developed in consultation with major industry players, the unique, easy-open composite design of FlexiSeal® has been developed to replace traditional, more expensive metal locking rings and hard-to-open snap-on-lids. VIP Packaging’s sales manager, Joe Stefano, explains how FlexiSeal has been designed to address common consumer complaints, making pails more user-friendly than ever before: “One simple pull action makes them easier to open and resealing is just as effortless.”

The unique FlexiSeal is already attracting some of Australia’s leading manufacturers in the paint and food service industries. “The benefits it delivers are an exciting turning point for the industry,” says Stefano. “This product is more cost-effective, has superior stacking strength and resists scuffing during transport. It’s suitable for a range of open-head pails and doesn’t require any pre-assembly.” Stefano says it’s also ideal for automatic and manual capping processes and does not require any changes to existing filling lines either.

Recently trialled by a leading national hardware chain, employee feedback was extremely positive, with many saying FlexiSeal was easier to use than competing closure systems. “Gone are the days of struggling with a screwdriver. Consumers can now look forward to simply opening their package and getting on with the job!”