The Yonwoo refill collection comprises three airless containers, which complement each other very well: a jar, a test tube-shaped container and a local application syringe. All packs are ideal for sensitive OTC formulas, which require airless technology to protect active ingredients.

The medical design of the packs means they would not look out of place in cosmetic surgeries or health clinics.
It features:

  • Patented Yonwoo airless pump technology
  • Medical design
  • Capacities: 50ml jars
  • 15ml, 30ml and 50ml bottles
  • 10ml syringe

Multiple decoration options

This Yonwoo refill range has been specifically developed in response to sustainability packaging requirements, however, it also offers the possibility of incorporating multiple bulk formulas in one pack.

The unique and eye-catching design of the packs can help to entice the consumer to choose home-based treatments rather than cosmetic surgery.