The New Way of Doing Business

We are constantly raising the question of how we can improve our offer to the customers. We have always been very focused on the needs of our customers – the converters – and also the preferences of their customers – the brand owners. In recent years we have taken a step further to actively work with the brand owners, as it is these who decide what message and impact they want to communicate with the package. Our approach has therefore been to appoint End-User Managers in our sales team. The EUM’s are responsible for increasing the awareness of Frövi and discussing the support that we can provide to the brand owners. Our aim is to be your Committed Business Partner.

Converters, manufacturers, retailers, design agencies and even machinery manufacturers – all have an influence on packaging specifications. Our End-User team are building up a network of contacts throughout the packaging chain and work on different levels with decision makers and influencers. The EUMs raise awareness of the packaging possibilities using Frövi materials. It is, however, not just one-way traffic. We learn much from our contacts and this helps us shape the strategic future of our packaging grades. Telling today’s story can help us be the preferred partner today – listening to the market place is helping us build Frövi into the preferred partner of tomorrow.

Three-Way Partnership

“Can we offer specific support to new projects or help to improve existing packaging solutions“are typical questions our End-User Managers raise when meeting their contacts. With information from the marketplace our sales teams can approach the converters with an increased knowledge and understanding of their business. When the business developes we work in a triangular partnership. It is important to create interest and inform whilst adding value to the Converter – End User relationship. “One of our greatest assets – the support we can offer from PackLab and Tech Centre – has opened up many new projects”, says Lars Scheidweiler, Germany. Schokowürfel, described on the front page, is a good example of a project that started in PackLab and became a regular business.

Our “door-openers” – the End-User Managers’ team: Darren Thomas – UK/Ireland, Lars Scheidweiler – Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Alain de Villaines – France/BeNeLux and Rolf Olofsson – Nordic countries.