How do our customers perceive us? What are our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to service, knowledge and product? How do we perform compared to our competitors? Most importantly, are we improving?

Our annual customer satisfaction survey not only provides a check on our performance, but also steers us towards further improvement.

Our Customers Help Us Identify Areas for Improvement

We have carried out our annual customer satisfaction surveys for ten years now. App. 70 customers participate, of which 15 are face-to-face interviews. In addition to the 40 specific questions in the survey, the open comments are very valuable to us. “The customers help us to spot areas for improvement. They tell us what is important to them, and how they rank us in these areas”, says Magnus Levinsson, Manager Operational Business Process – Packaging Board. “Last year’s survey resulted in a priority list, where delivery service and consistent quality came first. Frövi generally out performs their competition on service, but there is always room for improvement! We will shortly be presenting a new service concept, where we have taken yet another bold step. During the last year we have built up our stock levels, making us even more flexible. Regarding consistent quality, we have improved the formation by 10 %. The whole company takes part in the priority list project and focus on the crucial areas”, Mr Levinsson concludes.

A Step in the Right Direction for our Delivery Service

We recently received the results from this year’s survey and we are now drawing up a new priority list. We are pleased to report that the most significant improvement since last year is our delivery service – confirmation that the measures we have taken have paid off!

The Importance of Feed-Back

“Of course we are happy with positive feed-back, but constructive criticism helps us to further raise our standards”, says Lars-Ola Almberg, Managing Director at AssiDomän Frövi.

Opticom is the company that has helped Frövi with the survey during the last two years. Their neutrality and objectivity is the key to honest answers. “We help our clients to see how competitive they are in different segments and different markets and to see a pattern over a longer period. When it comes to the Frövi survey, the participating customers have been very interested and helpful. This shows a commitment to strengthen the partnership. AssiDomän Frövi has used the survey results from 2003 as a basis for an improvement programme and has given feedback to customers. There is still room for increased communication and more customer specific actions regarding the result, which motivates them to participate the next time the survey is conducted”, says Jessica Tommila, Project Manager at Opticom.

Frövi is a Strong Brand

Opticom mainly works with Pulp-, Paper- and Board producers, and as they really know our industry they can also help us to evaluate the survey results. Besides customer satisfaction surveys like ours, Opticom also carries out strategic market segmentation studies, corporate branding studies and brand equity tracking surveys. A recent branding survey shows that although Frövi is a niche brand, it is among the five strongest board brands in Europe!