OxySense, the world’s leading supplier of non-invasive oxygen permeation and monitoring systems to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging industries, is seeking additional regional distribution partners for its innovative line of packaging laboratory instruments.

Additional distributors are needed as the demand is significantly growing for OxySense equipment from many of the world’s leading packers and packaging material suppliers. Strong distributors that are experienced in the packaging industry are sought to help OxySense expand its market reach and enhance its support network.

The OxySense technology allows companies to test and evaluate their packaging technology in a way that means that, for the first time, they can see how they perform, not only theoretically, but also in a real world performance environment. With this innovative technology users can measure and monitor headspace oxygen and dissolved oxygen using the same instrument. They can also perform real time and real world long-term shelf life studies using ‘live’ packages and containers (packed with real product on real packing lines), as well as lab packages.

In October 2008 OxySense introduced the first non-invasive permeation system that allows labs to use their OxySense system to conduct film, finished package (including bottles) and ‘live’ package permeation studies. With the OxySense OTR system users can conduct permeation tests on an almost unlimited number of samples at the same time, as well as using the same instrument to do headspace, dissolved and shelf life studies. They can do this with a proven system that is priced at a fraction of the cost of a traditional electro-chemical-based dedicated permeation system.

The ideal distribution partner will have an established laboratory instrumentation business, extensive experience in the packaging and packaging materials fields and complementary product lines, and familiarity with oxygen permeation and monitoring. In addition, they will have a history of actively promoting their lines at regional and national packaging shows, and a serious interest in expanding their revenue base and profitability.