With their unique machine design, Romaco installations are suitable for a wide range of applications and can be flexibly adapted to meet individual requirements.

Romaco is presenting its new Noack T 4 blister packaging line at ACHEMA 2009 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. With its QuickFeed, QuickAdjust and QuickTransfer systems, this installation offers the highest level of flexibility, particularly for small and medium batch sizes. Short conversion times, increased productivity and minimal life-cycle costs are features of this blister packaging line.

A further trade fair highlight is the new aseptic liquid filler Macofar VF 24 for pharmaceutical parenterals and lyophilized products. With a maximum output of 24,000 vials per hour, the slim and GMP-standardized plant achieves the highest product safety.

The vertical heat-sealing machine Siebler HM 1/230 has a great impact on the strip-packaging sector. Absolute reproducibility of all sealing parameters like pressure, temperature and speed indicates highest accuracy during the whole production process.

These products can be seen from 11 to 15 May 2009 at ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in hall 3.0 at booth K2-L8.

Noack T 4: efficient blister packaging for every batch size

The integrated QuickFeed, QuickAdjust and QuickTransfer systems of the Noack T 4 blister packaging line provide extreme flexibility during the production process and crucially accelerate the product flow. This is particularly of benefit in the production of small and medium batch sizes. The patented QuickFeed unit, with its unique air cushion adjustment system, allows for products to be changed in seconds. To do this, the product feed is completely detached and cleaned separately while production can be seamlessly continued using a second ready-tooled feed unit.

The servo-controlled QuickAdjust station control system automatically adjusts production to the sealing, coding, perforating and punching stations. A laser light barrier determines the exact position of the blister before each work station and automatically moves the complete station to the optimal position. Use of the four-track QuickTransfer blister transfer station allows blister layouts in longitudinal- and cross-positions. Using an extremely functional pick-and-place system, the blisters can be turned through 90° before being fed to the stacking system.

With a maximum output of 400 blisters per minute, these are then passed to the cartoner. Its servo-driven, double-positive carton opening system provides particularly gentle handling in opening the cartons. In total, up to 15 servo motors control individual stations in the blister line. The ergonomic operator panel allows simple and user-friendly operation of the plant.

The Noack T 4 comprises the compact Noack N 930 blister packaging machine and a Promatic PC 4000 series cartoner. According to customer preference, the installation can be equipped with plate or roller sealing; the Promatic cartoner works in continuous motion. In this way, the T 4 reconciles flexible processes with the highest degree of product security and productivity.