Romaco will be at PackExpo Las Vegas 2009 from 5-7 October 2009, and are using the show to present the Promatic P91 S intermittent motion cartoner for the first time. Its rapid packaging speed of 140 cartons per minute is setting new technical standards.

Visit us at booth 3595 in the south hall, to see this product innovation.

New P91 S intermittent motion cartoner

With an output of 140 cartons per minute, the new P91 S intermittent motion cartoner can now reach the performance level of machines that operate continuously, thus creating a new benchmark for the packaging industry. Equipped with a balcony structure, the cartoner meets the high standards demanded in packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Finely adjusted handling guarantees a smooth sequence when opening and closing the cartons. The production process is monitored and controlled through a control panel using sensor technology. This guarantees simple operation, flexible controls and rapid intervention in the packaging process.

The installation and arrangement of the P91 S cartoner can be adapted to the needs of the customer. Driven by low-noise and low-vibration brushless motors, it provides a user-friendly working environment. All machine parts are easily accessible and easy to operate. There is no need for specially trained staff to adjust the machine to different packaging sizes. The changes in format that regularly occur in cartoning can be carried out directly by the operators. This provides fast and flexible control of production.