At PHARMTECH 2009 Romaco will present the fastest intermittent motion cartoner of its class, the Promatic P 91S. With a speed of up to 140 cartons per minute the plant sets new standards for the packaging industry. The servo-driven cartoner combines efficiency with an ergonomic balcony design.

A further trade fair highlight will be the Unipac tube filler U 2060 for small and medium production batches. The compact machine for the filling of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ointment has a maximum output of 60 tubes per minute. Due to its flexibility the tube filler is suited to versatile applications.

The technology from Romaco can be seen at PHARMTECH 2009 in Moscow, Russia, from 23 to 27 November in hall 07, pavilion 2, at booth A46.

Strong performance by the Promatic P 91S cartoner

The horizontal intermittent motion cartoner Promatic P 91S from Romaco is considered the fastest in its class. With a maximum output of 140 cartons per minute the plant is the first to achieve the same level of performance as continuous cartoners. It sets new standards in the field of packaging of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in folding boxes. The design of the machine allows any change in format to be made directly by the shift personnel. This accelerates production runs, particularly for small batch sizes, and provides a consistent production flow. The cartoner is operated by a touch-screen which automatically monitors the individual production steps and makes adjustments, if required. All secondary packaging processes are hence controlled flexibly and efficiently.

The balcony structure and the compact design of the Promatic P 91S cartoner enable good access to all machine parts. This facilitates loading the folding boxes and makes it easier to carry out any cleaning work. The plant is fully equipped with servo-driven motors, which means a significant reduction in noise for the operating personnel. All movement sequences are harmonised through the general use of hydraulics. A Venturi vacuum unit additionally guarantees gentle product handling in the picking up and opening of the folding boxes and in the placement of the package inserts. The total transfer of materials runs over toothed pulleys; there is absolutely no use of chains or toothed wheels. This results in low maintenance costs and high capacity utilisation.

Unipac tube filler U 2060 for multiple applications

The eight station Romaco Unipac Tube filler U 2060 is the optimal technology for the filling of semi-solids for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. This machine can fill products into aluminium, laminate or plastic tubes, depending on the requirements of the application. The tubes come in different sizes and various shapes. The U 2060 offers a wide range of closing systems with different folding and heat sealing systems. Due to the flexibility of the machine and its process parameters it is the ideal solution for the most demanding applications.

As a result of the very ergonomic access to the storage, the loading of the tubes on to the machine is easily accomplished. The tubes can optionally be cleaned with sterile air before they are automatically filled and sealed. All coding with product or safety information is possible on one or both sides. Depending on the requirements, the filled tubes are discharged either with the fold or the sealing cap at the head. The robust unit offers a maximum output of 60 tubes per minute and is the perfect fit for small and medium production batches.