Quadpack has signed a contract with leading Korean manufacturer Apollo to distribute its innovative range of dispensers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The agreement makes Apollo’s cutting-edge pumps, including its high-tech foamers, exclusively available to our client base, while providing Apollo with an established route to external markets.

“In Quadpack, we have found a reliable partner who shares our corporate values of integrity, dedication and passion,” says Apollo CEO Mr Yong Dae Lee. “Apollo is now mature enough to expand beyond its domestic market and into specialist areas with concentrated technologies. With Quadpack’s help, we can grow internationally and gear our R&D operation towards Western cosmetics and beauty industries.”

Quadpack will build the Apollo brand in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, introducing its state-of-the-art pump technology to these markets. This includes Apollo’s core ranges of lotion dispensers, fragrance pumps and trigger sprays, as well as its latest innovations in foamers and eco-friendly dispensers.

Quadpack CEO Tim Eaves says: “We are very excited by this agreement. Apollo combines sound technology with fast service and a flexibility apportioned by its in-house mould shop, which allows it to develop custom packs quickly and efficiently. With its pioneering range of pumps and dispensers, this is the first time we have found true innovation outside of Yonwoo.”

Quadpack is also the exclusive distributor of Korean airless pack manufacturer Yonwoo. With Yonwoo airless pump systems and Apollo atmospheric pump technology on board, Quadpack is in an unprecedented position to offer its customers a full range of complementary, advanced dispensing solutions.

Apollo has been designing and manufacturing pumps and sprays to its domestic market since 1976. The $30m turnover company has 200 staff working at its two factories and corporate headquarters in Siheung.