GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, is presenting the newly released Version 4.7 of its GMG ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer color management solutions, together with an update of the GMG SmartProfiler profiling and calibration tool to Version 1.5. The new versions are characterized by even greater user-friendliness and maximized production reliability.

The GMG ColorServer color management software performs fully automatic color space conversion on RGB, CMYK, and mixed data, in order to obtain uniform color standards. GMG InkOptimizer has already been in successful use for several years for automatically reducing the amount of chromatic ink used, thereby improving printing properties and enabling cost savings.

New wizard prevents errors

GMG ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer now feature not only a host of newly revised Device-Link color profiles, but also preconfigured hotfolders for all standard printing conditions. The GMG Hotfolder Creation Wizard helps users to create new hotfolders, using predefined settings provided for all international printing standards. As a result, possible sources of error are already avoided when creating workflows.

Web interface for cross-location color management

A standard Web browser suffices to enable multiple users to access GMG ColorServer and InkOptimizer simultaneously to convert PDF files and monitor their processing. This makes both software solutions particularly user-friendly and easy to apply.

Ink Saving Report for improved cost control

An Ink Saving Report integrated in the software shows at a glance how much printing ink was actually saved when processing a file with GMG InkOptimizer. Statistics are generated for each job, indicating the quantity of printing ink required for each color separation, with and without GMG InkOptimizer profiles.

Extended integration of GMG PrintControl for full process control

GMG PrintControl is the easy-to-use solution from GMG for standardizing printing presses and effective process control in the pressroom. Compensation curves for the tone value increase from GMG PrintControl can now be used directly in GMG ColorServer/InkOptimizer, in order to perform even more accurate color conversion by taking the individual printing properties into account.

Consistent, identical color results through central color management

The combination of GMG ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler gives users of digital printing or LFP systems, for example, completely new capabilities for raising the color quality and color stability of their presses to a hitherto unknown level. GMG SmartProfiler can even be used to create custom color profiles for GMG ColorServer, as well as printer calibrations for various out-put systems. Different front ends, RIPs, and printing presses no longer have to be individually configured and synchronized, because color management is handled centrally and entirely by GMG ColorServer/SmartProfiler. The result: consistent, identical color results on one or more digital or large-format printing systems and in mixed production environments, whereby color matching with ISO Coated V2 can be achieved.

GMG SmartProfiler Version 1.5 offers greater ease of use and dependability than ever before.

Multiple wizards facilitate profile creation

Different wizards assist the user when creating the color profiles for GMG ColorServer and the printer calibrations, making it possible to obtain high-quality results quickly and dependably. The software offers extensive predefined settings for specific printing presses and a wide variety of applications, e.g. for optimally mapping ISO Coated V2 in the available gamut of a digital or large-format printer. This achieves maximum color accuracy and production reliability on any and every output system.

Flexible handling of spot colors

GMG SmartProfiler automatically prepares spot colors for optimum rendering on the press. Channels for varnish, die-cutting formes or white-ink printing can be specifically excluded from processing. That guarantees flexible handling of spot-color channels.

Easy adaptation to changed output conditions

Changes in the output conditions, such as new substrates, printing modes or inks, can be taken into account without any difficulty. GMG SmartProfiler can be used to create new hot-folders for GMG ColorServer as and when necessary, e.g. if a new printer/material combination is added. Matching hotfolder settings are predefined.

Client/Server architecture

GMG SmartProfiler can now be installed on a different computer than GMG ColorServer, meaning that remote applications are also possible.

To be able to cater even more specifically to customer requirements, different versions of GMG ColorServer, GMG InkOptimizer and GMG SmartProfiler will be available from now on. GMG ColorServer comes as a full version for all conventional printing processes, or in conjunction with GMG SmartProfiler as a Digital/LFP version. GMG InkOptimizer is shipped either with a set of profiles for sheet-fed offset printing, or with profiles for web offset and gravure printing.