Top level performance for health care.

Convenience and a convincing performance are the major issues for Beiersdorf, the German global player in health care and cosmetics. Attractive and functional packs reflecting the premium character is a way for an international leading branded goods company to support its brands and win the fight for consumers.

Upgraded packs in silver foil

Beiersdorf has recently created new packaging solutions for their plasters. The Curad products for the American market clearly signal premium and high quality thanks to the glossy silver front where the silver is not just a graphical design but is aiming to associate with the silver dressing in the pad. Silver has an accepted history of reducing bacterial growth and thereby offering quicker healing. For this pack they are cost-efficient and minimize their consumption of hotfoil but still achieve a reasonable silver effect. Hansaplast med, produced for the European market, also has a silver foil lamination and embossing. The premium concept is enhanced by selling only via pharmacies with skilled staff for consultations while their commodity products are sold in supermarkets.

Combination of visual aspects and stability

All packs have the same tamper proof opening with an ingenious closure system. After breaking the perforation the package can still be closed thus protecting the contents. The board material is Frövi. “There were many reasons to choose FRÖVI BRIGHT”, says Mr Rolf Carsten, Corporate Manager, Packaging Development at Beiersdorf. “Apart from visual aspects, functionality and stability were the most convincing criteria. The new Curad presentations with shrinked inner packs put high pressure on the edges of the folding box. Additionally the Curad packs have been stressed by the US retail systems with so called push-feeders (when you take a pack from the shelf the other packs are pushed forward). The previous packs in GC2 (FBB) could not withstand the pressure and that was one of the reasons for changing to FRÖVI BRIGHT.”

Open dialogue and troubleshooting

“We have a long experience of Frövi and although we are not their direct customer they have supported us with trouble shooting in their laboratory in the past and we have an open dialogue. When it comes to the board we also appreciate the balance between environmental aspects and a good performance for the printers and the converters in the automatic processes”, Mr Carsten concludes.


Beiersdorf AG, Germany


Rob. Leunis & Chapman Group, Germany

Board Supplier:

AssiDomän Frövi, Sweden