OxySense®, the leader in optical oxygen testing and monitoring systems for the packaging industries, today announced the appointment of Jusun Instruments as a distributor of the complete line of OxySense products, including the OxySense laboratory line and the new OxySentry line of optical oxygen process monitors, as well as accessories, throughout Taiwan and China.

For more than 18 years, Jusun Instruments has been a leader in the representation, manufacturing and servicing of industrial gas analysers. The company is headquartered in Taipai, Taiwan, with offices in Shanghai.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Jusun Instruments to expand our representation into Taiwan and China, markets that offer great opportunity for our products,” said Peter Gerard, president of OxySense.

“Latin and South America, and certain regions of the US, are additional areas where OxySense continues to seek alliances with established distributors who serve the packaging and processing industries,” Gerard noted.

Jusun Instruments will be providing full sales and technical support for the complete line of OxySense oxygen testing and monitoring equipment and systems, including its latest and most advanced generation of testing instruments, the GEN III line.

The GEN III line of instruments provides packaging labs with an all-in-one resource for head space, dissolved oxygen, and film and container OTR/Permeation testing. Its optical technology enables both non-invasive and invasive testing protocols. The GEN III product line is the ideal tool for extending and expanding a laboratory’s oxygen testing capabilities and capacity at a competitive price.

OxySense revolutionised the oxygen testing environment in 2001 with the introduction of the first commercial non-invasive oxygen measurement system based on the revolutionary Oxy2Dot®.

In 2008 OxySense introduced the OxySense Perm Chamber, the first major advance in film permeation testing in decades. The same year, the ASTM International Sub Committee F02.40 on package integrity (ASTM) issued its first standard for optical oxygen measurement (ASTM 2714-08) based on the OxySense technology.

For information about OxySense products, please visit the OxySense website.