An important patent, part of AlpVision’s portfolio of 35 patents, has been granted in India (No. 243454, application 502/DELNP/2003) as well as in Indonesia (ID P0025514B, WO00200702597), covering the AlpVision proprietary
Cryptoglyph® invisible marking applied to various packaging (carton boxes, blister packs, labels etc.).

Standard printing techniques and regular varnish ink (offset, flexography and rotogravure) are enough to provide high security at very low cost, especially when large volumes are considered. This process prevents counterfeiting through incorporation of a signature in form of an invisible marking (the Cryptoglyph) in parts of or over the entire packaging or label. This marking is completely invisible and cannot be replicated.

AlpVision Cryptoglyph patents are now granted in all major countries.