Tailor-made for the fridge

CRP Print and Packaging, based in the UK, have won many plaudits for the design of their point of sale displays and packaging. Sometimes it is the simple aspects of design that have the greatest impact and this is certainly true of CRP’s Refrigerator Pack for boxed wine. The pack can be stored in the door of a refrigerator and thus ensure fresh chilled wine at any time.

Frövi for strength and print

CRP’s manufacturing process involves laminating litho printed liner to single faced corrugated. The Refrigerator Pack is supplied to Constellation, the global wine retailer whose market-leading brands include Hardy’s, Banrock Station and Stowells of Chelsea. Constellation enjoys the benefits of working with CRP’s design centre, the largest of its kind in the UK. CRP specifies FROVI LIGHT for all of their wine box business. “Using Frovi as the top liner ensures that we can supply wine boxes that are significantly stronger than many offered by our competitors. This is important as the finished product is placed directly on a pallet and distributed throughout Europe. Frovi grades also offer excellent printability and resistance to cracking ,“ said CRP’s Operations Director, Tom Lindop.

Meeting of independent minds

CRP has been an independent company since 1994 and sees its partnership with Frovi as strategic to its business. “We are an independent packaging company who likes working with an independent mill,” added Mr. Lindop

Well, we can all raise a glass to that!

Wine Importer: Constellation, UK

Converter: CRP Print and Packaging Ltd. UK

Cartonboard Supplier: AssiDomän Frövi, Sweden

Substance: FROVI LIGHT 250 gsm – litho laminated with corrugated board