The 120 Combo shrink system by Clamco (a member of PAC Machinery Group) combines the L-Bar sealer and shrink tunnel for packing, sealing and shrinking products. The sealer and tunnel have a common frame and base that allows for a quick set-up, alignment and product transfer by matching the sealer with the tunnel.

The 120 Combo system includes standard features such as a unitized package tray and a film cradle with a pinwheel perforator to assist in the fast and efficient placement of the product into the film.

The sturdy design of the 120 Combo provides the framework for greater productivity and ensures consistently strong seals. The digitally temperature-controlled tunnel provides for consistent shrink. The use of integrated application-specific controls allows for easy and fast operator set-up and provides for years of trouble-free operation.

The 120 Combo shrink system provides increased productivity and years of trouble-free operation.