Quadpack Group is proud to present its new packaging test laboratory at its international headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Operating for the whole group, the extensive new facilities boast a battery of testing equipment to consistently ensure Quadpack’s high quality standards.

“Quality control tends to be the province of manufacturers,” explains Javier Navia, Quadpack Group technical manager. “While our customers are already aware that we demand nothing but the highest standards from our manufacturing partners, our new laboratory adds a further level of quality assurance not usually undertaken by procurement companies.”

The new laboratory is furnished with high-tech equipment to conduct formula ageing, dimension evaluation, weight loss, dosage accuracy, torque, leakage, colour matching and a host of other tests. “When we get our hands on a pack, we submit it to the strictest of tests. Only when it passes every single one do we certify it ‘Quadpack approved’,” says Andrés Piera, the packaging engineer in charge of the laboratory.

The lab conducts new product and production sample tests as standard. Pre-sales testing is also available to Quadpack clients. This is particularly useful to analyse product compatibility and performance and can be integrated as part of the development cycle. Please contact your local Quadpack office for full details.