Karlsruhe – The first of the new P91 S intermittent motion cartoners by Romaco is destined for delivery to the Italian pharmaceutical company Farmigea. The most recent development in the Promatic brand is considered to be the fastest intermittent motion cartoner with balcony design. With an output of 140 cartons per minute, this machine is the first Romaco model to reach the level of performance of continuous motion cartoners. It also adapts quickly and easily to the products being processed and to different packaging sizes. The cartoner met the most important requirements of the Italian user Farmigea.

Before its installation at Farmigea, the P91 S cartoner was presented to the public for the first time at Interpack 2008 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

New Cartoner P91 S Starts Working at Farmigea

The former family business Farmigea become a constant in the Italian pharmaceutical industry. Farmigea is the market leader in Italy and is increasing its share of the European market in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals for ophthalmology. There has been a close cooperation between Farmigea and Romaco for several years. Farmigea is working with several Promatic cartoners, Siebler heat sealing machines and Unipac tube fillers.

The P91 S will be used by this manufacturer of ophthalmic products for packaging of a new series of sterile eye drops into cartons. Cartoning is precisely tailored to plastic or glass vials, into which the eye drops are filled. Therefore two different formats are necessary.

One of the great benefits is that the change in format can be carried out directly by the operator responsible for the general operation of the machine. “We have high hopes of extremely flexible control of production, as well as of savings in costs and time,” reported Marco Benvenuti, the plant manager responsible at Farmigea in Pisa.

A Faster, Easier, Quieter Cartoner

The compact design of the P91 S makes the installation easier on site. This process is personally accompanied by a Romaco specialist, who co-ordinates the integration of the cartoner into the existing production line.

“We see our customers as partners. The depth of care given in the commissioning of a new installation and beyond is a particular matter of concern for us,” explained Gianluca Salieri, who is looking after the Farmigea project for Romaco. Thanks to the balcony structure, all machine parts are easily accessible; the automatic control and monitoring of the whole installation takes place through one control panel, which guarantees that the production runs smoothly.

Developed in line with ergonomic requirements, the machine offers a user-friendly working environment. Actuators and a Venturi vacuum unit lead to a clear reduction in noise. Product transfer by means of a timing belt replaces the use of chains and mechanical cogs. This prevents early signs of wear, reduces cleaning intervals and reduces the expense of care and maintenance of the machine. The use of safety clutches also protects the cartoner from mechanical overload.

“The new cartoner is an investment in greater safety at work, which at the same time pays for itself in terms of business. We convinced Farmigea by the perfect price-performance ratio of the P91 series, due to its low maintenance costs, low operating expenses and continuous performance,” said Marco Benvenuti, justifying the decision of Farmigea to choose the P91 S cartoner by Romaco.