Over the past few months the monta development team has produced a new addition coming soon to our product line.

While innovation, technological advances and product development are always at the forefront for monta, our development team is especially committed to finding solutions to specific challenges presented in the marketplace. Their focus is supported by investment in equipment and in ongoing education and training of our personnel.

Natural rubber has an advantage over hotmelt and acrylic technology, where adhesive formulations are specified by the supplier. At times acrylic raw material adhesive is actually delivered ready for use, with no modifications possible by the tape manufacturer.

With natural rubber, adhesive systems can be created, high tack or low tack, and adjusted for the requirements of different applications.

Our familiar, well-proven blue PVC protection tape (designated monta film 256) is coated with a clear low tack adhesive and used as a surface protection for metal and plastic profiles, ceramic products, sheets and plates as well as effective advertisement labeling. With strength about 40% lower than the standard adhesive, it can be removed from various surfaces without leaving residue; yet it has a good immediate tack.

Now we are preparing to offer a newly-developed high tack adhesive which can be applied to PVC, BOPP, MOPP and PET backing materials. Trials with the OPP and PET films have been successfully completed with an adhesive strength on steel about 40% to 60% higher than standard adhesives.

The applications for this high tack PSA are abundant. For example, in certain markets cartons are recycled to a high degree leaving a surface so smooth that traditional adhesive systems are at their limits, no longer guaranteeing a long-lasting secure sealing of the container. A PVC or OPP backing with monta’s new high tack adhesive offers the solution. Should a low elongation and a high durability be required, the new high tack coupled with MOPP or PET backings provides resolution to the dilemma.

In addition to securing pallets, MOPP with natural rubber adhesive is used for bundling and strapping. MOPP or PET tapes are useful in the carry handle products sector.
While this new high tack adhesive has yet to be officially released, our sales team is excited to be able to offer this new product soon and looks forward to hearing from those whose current requirements will be served by this new addition to our product line.