MeadWestvaco (MWV) has announced that it will introduce the Captivate family of shopper-ready packaging systems at the 2010 Shopper Marketing Expo in Chicago on 5-7 October 2010. This newly innovated system includes pre-filled paperboard cartridges that can be used for shipping, display and easy re-stocking on store shelves. Captivate’s design ingenuity helped earn MWV the ‘featured exhibitor’ status at the Expo, a recognition received by only 23 of the event’s attendees.

The Captivate family of shopper-ready packaging systems is currently available for products across a range of solutions, such as canned foods, yogurt, frozen juice, vitamins and smokeless tobacco. It can be customized to fit the size and shape of both the products and shelf space. It is also a multi-pack solution for brand owners that can open up additional revenue channels and reduce co-packing costs.

“Brand owners and retailers can lose a great deal of potential profit due to poor brand visibility on shelves and stocking inefficiencies,” said David Hayslette, director of retail excellence, MWV. “Our Captivate system creates a better experience for the shopper, retailer and brand owner. Each cartridge provides a 200% – 300% larger billboard for the brand to showcase its product, as opposed to just the small label space on stacked cans, for example. This makes it easier for shoppers to identify and access the product they’re looking for. Retailers benefit from higher productivity per square foot, as Captivate maximizes shelf space while reducing the number of man-hours required to maintain store shelves.”

Unlike other dispensers, the Captivate system does not require each individual product to be stocked by hand. Engineered to work with existing retail shelves, Captivate’s design allows retailers to efficiently manage product turnover by improving labor costs and dispenser loading time, reducing out-of-stock incidence and enhancing label management. Each paperboard-based carton, which is used for both shipping and display, is placed on top of a refillable dispenser. When the restocking indicator shows product is running low, the carton can be opened without the use of tools and replaced quickly and efficiently.

Captivate cartridges are also recyclable and are made from sustainably sourced fiber, certified by the sustainable forestry initiative (SFI). The carton is made from MWV’s high-quality printed paperboard substrates. The high-impact graphics provide exceptional visual appeal and enhance the shelf presence of the brand.

MWV will be located at booth#513.