Winpak has introduced a new generation solution for convenient reclosable consumer packaging – the Repak film series.

Winpak has been in the business of creating innovative packaging ideas for its customers for over 35 years through unique polymer structure design and advanced production technology. These new polymer developments are incorporated into one of the most advanced recloseable packaging systems available today – Repak.

‘Convenience’ – a term that has long since given rise to demands and expectations among suppliers, retailers and consumers alike and yet it involves more than just ready meals, single-serve portions, easy preparation or easy access. Convenience begins even before the product is put to use – with Repak packaging.

Food processors’ attention is devoted not only to the package design, shape and format, but also increasingly to handling, storage and, above all, recloseability.

The Repak package can be easily peeled open with the aid of a pull tab (peel here corner) and the peelable layer is then pulled away and the adhesive layer is now exposed. When the two sides of the Repak package are pressed back together, the packaging firmly re-seals to itself. For consumers to save time and effort, the packaging is not removed and discarded, but simply opened and reclosed.

This allows only as much food product as is needed to be taken out. Food products are therefore properly protected and remain fresh for a longer time – the need to transfer the product laboriously from its store shelf package to another home container is a thing of the past. Repak can be reopened and reclosed, over and over, up until the last slice.

For food processors, recloseable film packaging should therefore be a part of every well-devised convenience concept. Winpak offers a selection of Repak reclosable packaging systems with semi-rigid and flexible films, offering innovative solutions with reliable closing features.

Winpak’s state-of-the-art production and printing technologies with expertise in multilayer films create customized packaging systems to meet every customer’s specific requirements. Take a look at Winpak for impressive re-close packaging technology.

For additional information on this product or any of Winpak’s world-class packaging innovations, please contact Winpak.