With many users relying on the low throughput-costs and vibrant colours available on solvent-based wide-format digital platforms, Agfa Graphics introduces the :Jeti 3348 HSS which integrates the company’s revolutionary new TurbTech drying technology. The :Jeti 3348 HSS is unquestionably the fastest 3.25m roll-to-roll printer in its class. Its 300dpi resolution and four-colour output makes it a highly productive solution for billboards, banners and posters, complemented by low running costs.

Agfa Graphics’ :Jeti 3348 HSS produces vibrant colours and durable results for interior and exterior applications. It has been refined with the addition of a special back-lit option. The true back-lit option enables printing on both sides of the media, delivering brilliant backlit signage. Using specialised custom software and a camera, the true back-lit option tracks your print and compensates on the fly to provide perfect registration. The inclusion of mesh capability with a collector trough now means that porous materials, such as meshes and digital textiles, can be printed on the :Jeti 3348 HSS. This means that the printer is ideal for producing scaffold and building wraps as well as applications such as perimeter fencing and stadium graphics that need to be permeable to wind conditions.

By incorporating the TurbTech drying technology, the :Jeti 3348 HSS marries conventional mesh back-heaters with a front drying system. This utilises non-laminar flow warm air drying technology, which lowers vapour pressures and delivers high speed drying, vital when working at high speeds with low cost materials.

The Agfa Graphics :Jeti 3348 HSS benefits from the latest linear motor drives which deliver digitally accurate high-speed motion at up to 2m/s. Formerly only used on :Jeti UV-curable printers, this feature provides the speed and accuracy essential when outputting jobs at production speeds of 232.25m²/hr (2,500ft²/hr).

Designed to handle low-cost materials, such as woven polyethylene (PE), Agfa Graphics has introduced a vacuum plate under the imaging zone of the :Jeti 3348 HSS. This results in increased stability and, particularly with thinner media, eliminates wrinkles and edge curl, minimising the likelihood of head strikes and ensuring consistency in productivity and high image quality, even at the fastest speeds.

“High-speed, low-cost wide-format digital production still retains strong demand for good quality solvent-based printers that offer advanced features and flawless operation,” says Richard Barham, vice president for inkjet systems at Agfa Graphics. “The new 3.25m :Jeti 3348 HSS introduces new drying technology that allows breakthrough speed without any increase in heat, so it can continue to handle the latest low cost PE substrates.”