Whisky has been distilled in Scotland for many centuries. Depending on who you ask, evidence shows that the art of distilling could have originated by Celts, Christian missionary monks or Highland farmers themselves. Regardless of its origin, few can argue that the art of distilling spirits was perfected in Scotland.

Fighting Spirit

Frövi has been an established supplier to the whisky market for more than 20 years. A big step forward was taken in 2001 when FRÖVI BRIGHT was launched. The combination of strength and a white reverse turned out to be very successful in the whisky business. One of the Scotch whisky producers who prefers to market their whisky in Frövi board is Whyte and Mackay, who summarise their approach on the market in the phrase “Fighting Spirit”. They own four of the almost 100 (98) distilleries in Scotland and they use cartons for their premium and super premium brands and also for seasonal promotions of their standard products.

Spending Rather Than Saving

“The carton adds to the perceived value of the whisky”, says Mr Joe Kelly, Packaging Development Manager at Whyte and Mackay in Edinburgh. “Function and selling go hand-in-hand. For the moment of truth – when the customer is choosing whisky in the shop – you first have to attract them with an eye-catching graphical design. The next crucial moment is when she/he lifts the pack from the shelf. If the carton feels good you have won the battle and the customer puts it in the basket. For every penny you invest in a carton, you get ten times back in performance and marketing”, is the cost benefit analysis from Mr Kelly, who has a long experience of packaging in the whisky industry.

Frövi for Strength and Technical Support

For the new designs of the cartons for their brands Dalmore and Isle of Jura, Whyte and Mackay chose glue-laminated FRÖVI LIGHT 330 + 270 gsm for a compact grip. A white appearance on the inside is desirable to show the colour of the whisky to best effect. As the brown reverse “disappears” in the lamination, traditional FRÖVI LIGHT is used here, while often with single board FRÖVI BRIGHT is preferred. However, in some designs the brown reverse gives a “robustness” that harmonizes with the image. “Frövi board is stronger than other boards and their technical service is great. We have a close contact with their sales people, who support us with technical knowledge about the board. They know what we want”, Mr Kelly concludes.