At this year’s P-Mec in India, Romaco Group, a leading packaging specialist, will present a broad spectrum of technologies for manufacturing, processing and packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

P-Mec India will be staged at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, where the company’s products will be on show from 1-3 December 2010 at booth #D16.

Noack N 921 blister packaging line

The Noack N 921 blister packaging line with a downstream Promatic PC 4300 cartoner results in extremely flexible processes whenever pharmaceuticals are packed in blisters and folding cartons. Thanks to the high automation of the line concept, product changeovers can be carried out quickly and easily. The balcony structure and servo-technology improve product safety and increase the efficiency of the system. Equipped with the innovative QuickFeed and QuickAdjust systems, the line is remarkably user-friendly. With a maximum output of 500 blisters and 400 folding cartons a minute, the Noack N 921 is suitable for packaging a wide range of applications, such as tablets, capsules made of hard or soft gelatine and oblongs.

Macofar Micro 18 micro-dosing machine

The Micro 18 monobloc micro-dosing machine is an expert solution from Romaco Macofar for filling sterile pharmaceutical powders into vials. The vials are guided through the filling, weighing and stoppering stations of the intermittent system on integrated star-wheels. The product is dosed by means of a vacuum pressure-assisted system. Before, during and after filling, the vials can be flushed with nitrogen. A drying unit reduces the humidity in the critical filling area, while the vertical laminar flow ensures sterile conditions for filling and dosing into the vials. All in all, this GMP compliant machine boasts a maximum output of 18,000 vials an hour.

Siebler HM 1/230 heat-sealing machine

The Siebler HM 1/230 heat-sealing machine packs pharmaceutical solids in strips. For this purpose, the tablets (including effervescent types) and capsules are fed to the sealing station in up to eight lanes. The width of the packaging foil can be varied up to a maximum of 230mm. All process parameters, such as sealing pressure, time and temperature, are individually adjustable and absolutely reproducible. After sealing, the foil layer is perforated and cut to size. With a maximum packaging capacity of 3,600 tablets a minute, the system is positioned at the high-end of the speed range.

Promatic P 91S intermittent motion cartoner

The Promatic P 91S horizontal intermittent motion cartoner is one of the fastest in its class. With a maximum packaging capacity of 140 folding cartons a minute, its technology matches the high-speed of continuous machines. The ergonomic design of the cartoner and its balcony structure implemented throughout ensure good access to all machine parts. This improves product safety and simplifies product and packaging changeovers. Any batch changes can thus be carried out directly by the responsible shift operator. Furthermore, Venturi nozzles are used instead of vacuum pumps, so that the operator benefits immensely from mitigated noise emissions.

FrymaKoruma MaxxD Lab vacuum processing unit

The FrymaKoruma MaxxD Lab vacuum processing unit is used to process fluid and semi-solid forms, spanning a wide range of viscosities. In the lab-scale version, this system is ideal for developing new formulations as well as for scale-up applications. Programmable process parameters guarantee absolute reproducibility in the production of emulsions and suspensions. The powerful homogeniser, which is based on a rotor-rotor system, processes the product solution with the required shear energy input. Owing to the conical vessel design and the integration of a fully automatic cleaning-in-place (CIP) unit, cleaning and product changes are significantly speeded up.