Quadpack has developed a range of dazzling packs for lifestyle brand SugarBaby in Australia. Using two Yonwoo Jumbo airless containers, the products feature the brand’s signature fifties look of pure feminine glamour.

SugarBaby was conceived out of two sisters’ love affair with Aussie beach culture. Australian beauty professionals Lizie and Nicci Clifton started their own brand in 1998, inspired by the seaside locations where they spent much of their youth.

Replicating that feel-good factor with ‘a little sun-kissed twinkle’, SugarBaby offers double-duty beauty products that capture the essence of the effervescent ‘Aussie way of life’.

Suntanned Sweeties’ moisture-rich tropical sunscreen formula combines an exotically fragranced lotion with a sun protection shield in an innovative 200ml airless pump from Yonwoo. Perfect for skin after a day of sun, sand and surf, the pack’s decoration is bursting with colour.

The same Yonwoo pack was developed by Quadpack for SugarBaby’s Aloe-Sailor Soothing Body Cream, again featuring stunning graphics on the label. This deliciously scented Aloe Vera infused body cream soothes and smoothes summer skin.

The 100ml airless Jumbo pack was developed for three products within SugarBaby’s gift pack selection, all decorated with fifties-style labels. Rescue Remedy Body Cream, Hand Cream and Foot Cream attractively complement the brand’s detox, manicure and pedicure gift boxes.

Yonwoo airless technology protects the integrity of these high-tech formulas, while prolonging their functional use.

Please contact Quadpack for more information.