The newly launched FrymaKoruma Frymix II vacuum processing unit with its precisely defined energy input, is able to process ingredients in the required droplet size and distribution. The product can be mixed and circulated without shearing in opposite directions of rotation.

A funnel-shaped guide cone guarantees high turbulence inside the vessel as well as optimal deaeration, due to the thin-film heat transfer principle. The efficient and continuous heat exchange during individual heating and cooling phases is achieved as a result of the machine’s unique design. Thanks to the revolutionary flow concept, this technology is ideal for processing heat and shear-sensitive products.

Frymix II is especially designed for producing high-quality suspensions and emulsions on behalf of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. It was developed strictly according to cGMP / GAMP specifications. The internal product circulation and the elimination of all external piping create the right conditions for fast, thorough cleaning and sterilisation.

There is no contact between the sealing systems and the product flow owing to the arrangement of the machine drives in the vessel lid. Frymix II can therefore be optionally­ equipped with either a shaft or a mechanical seal concept. The redesigned Frymix II offers not only technical but also important cost advantages.

Come and visit at Emballage on 22-25 November 2010, in Paris, Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, hall 5a, at booth #H028.