For the first time in several years a Supreme Gold was awarded at the 2005 Starpack Awards.

The combination of Frövi-board, plastic, Cekacan technology and Blue Marlin Brand Design delivers smart functionality in the Cow & Gate Infant Milk packs.

The judges were particularly impressed by the practical nature of the pack. "The branding is strong and reassures the customer, informative graphics communicate complex instructions in a simple way and, best of all, the pack delivers functionality - an outstanding combination of graphic and functional design", says the jury in their citation.

Single-Handed Operation

The pack is designed to make milk preparation easier for consumers or – to be more precise - their parents, who might be carrying the screaming consumer on one arm. The PP closure has a clip on the underside for storing the scoop and a leveller built into the lid for more accurate dosing, while the lid itself is "clickable" to keep the powder dry. Over 2,500 mothers in four different countries participated in pack testing to ensure an optimum result.

Frövi for Stiffness and Taint and Odour Properties

The pack is based on Cekacan technology from Å&R Carton. "We have used Frövi board for many years in different applications", says Mr Johan Ericson, Material Manager for Cekacan at Å&R Carton. "The main reason for choosing Frövi board is its stiffness – offering very good stackability and grip stability – and its very good taint- and odour properties for sensitive food.

Producer: Numico, UK
Brand: Cow & Gate Infant Milks
Design agency: Blue Marlin Brand Design, UK
Converter: Å&R Carton Lund AB, Sweden
Technology: Cekacan ®, A&R Carton, Sweden
Laminate supplier: Amcor Flexibles Lund, Sweden
Board Supplier: AssiDomän Frövi, Sweden
Substance: FRÖVI CARRY 400gsm