OxySense®, Inc., has selected G3 Enterprises of Modesto, CA, to introduce the OxySense line of non-invasive oxygen measurement systems to wine and beverage industry producers. G3 specializes in the manufacturing and application of high quality wine closures. They also assist customers in bottling process quality control and in technical and logistical needs.

“Controlling oxygen is crucial to satisfying wine consumers,” said John Cunningham, R&D manager of G3 Enterprises Closure Division. “Therefore, the effectiveness of closures should be a key concern for all wine producers. We found OxySense systems offer the ability to perform experiments previously unthinkable due to cost, space and logistical constraints. These capabilities offer unique insights into wine processing, bottling and package performance.”

G3 evaluated OxySense equipment in its laboratories and bottling facilities for approximately one year before becoming a distributor. G3 now sells both the OxySense 210T™ and the OxySense 4000B™ in addition to wine processing-related accessories.

“G3 Enterprises is the leading, single source provider of quality packaging and supply chain services to the wine industry,” said Peter Gerard, owner and president of OxySense. “We are proud they recognize the unique benefits OxySense systems offer winemakers and are introducing OxySense equipment to the wine industry.”

For the wine and beverage industries, OxySense systems enable the measurement of oxygen levels in sealed bottles without extracting samples, opening or destroying bottles or closures. Both the concentration of oxygen in bottle headspace and the amount of dissolved oxygen in liquid can be measured. OxySense systems are also capable of rapid measurements with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

“We are pleased to offer OxySense products to wineries because the technology allows wine packaging professionals an economical and effective tool for performing closure permeability studies,” added G3’s Cunningham. “By working with OxySense, we are offering a uniquely powerful way to test current and new packaging materials, processes and technologies.