When The Green Herb of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, decided to automate, they chose PAC Machinery Group (PMG). The small herbal supplements business needed to increase the production of their herbal packs. PMG was able to meet The Green Herb’s packaging needs with the Titan 1075 Rollbag™ machine.

By using PMG’s Titan 1075 Rollbag, The Green Herb has seen a 75% decrease in production time which has helped to quadruple their output.

“It just saves time,” says founder Tom Phillips. “We are a very small company. It was either hire more people or purchase a better machine, and we chose to buy a better machine.”

The Green Herb has been producing natural herb supplements for 17 years. Together with wife and co-founder, Linda Phillips, Tom Phillips has grown the company from a home business to a retail store.

“We believe God put everything on this Earth for us to stay healthy,” says Tom Phillips. “The herbal supplements industry is booming. The Green Herb can now meet the demands of the growing herbal supplement market.”

The Green Herb formerly packaged their products by hand. Now with PMG’s 1075 and conveyor infeed system, The Green Herb is able to easily automate their packaging to combine their products into herbal packs. These packs such as the ‘Viral’, ‘Nu Woman/Man’ and ‘Breathe Ease’ provide a combination of capsules for various ailments.

Using PLC technology, the automatic tabletop 1075 is designed for ease of use and high productivity. The 1075 provides an easy-to-use, automatic bagging system that fits the needs of businesses, such as The Green Herb.

The basic model includes automatic bag advance; perforation detection to insure proper bag location for product feeding; two stage pneumatic bag opening; foot pedal activated sealing, or automatic cycling; and automatic bag separation.

PMG’s Titan 1075 Rollbag is easy to install and supports a wide range of bag sizes and mil thickness, and integrates with a wide variety of infeed systems.

PAC Machinery Group (PMG), based out of San Rafael, California, is comprised of three long-time packaging machinery companies. Member companies include Vertrod, creator of thermal impulse sealing; Audion Automation which makes automatic baggers, shrink and skin packaging machines; Converting Technology Inc., which manufactures a wide variety of stock and pre-printed bags; and Packaging Aids Corporation which manufactures vacuum gas flush sealers, vacuum chambers, and specialty bag sealers since 1962.