Detmold Industrial Packaging manufactures a wide range of speciality bags especially designed for the packaging of can ends. Can bags are the preferred method of packaging and distributing can ends from the point of manufacture to the filling plant where they are used. Paper bags are an added advantage as they can be opened easily, absorb any moisture and thereby reduce the likelihood of corrosion.

Can end bag design

Can end bags can vary significantly in design and shape. This depends on the equipment used to make the end, the size of the end, as well as the machine used to ‘de-bag’ the product prior to application to the filled can. They are typically long, narrow-face width and gusset satchel bags.

Why use paper bags?

Paper bags are ideal for can end packaging because it is an efficient way of packaging a large number of ends; it is easy to store can ends when bagged and palletised; bags protect can ends from dirt, moisture and scratching of the lacquer; and bags allow efficient feeding of the can ends during the can filling process.

Trusted can end bags from Detmold Industrial Packaging

Detmold Industrial Packaging manufactures satchel and flat can end bags in Indonesia for the Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets. As a major supplier of can end bags, manufacturing millions per year on dedicated can end bag machines, in most sizes with tooling already in place for most other can end bag sizes, you can trust Detmold Industrial Packaging for can end bags. Contact Detmold Industrial Packaging today to discuss your packaging solutions.