The first-ever unit which measures both residual headspace oxygen (O2) as well as package leak rate is being introduced by MOCON, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOCO).

Along with the initial oxygen headspace reading, the portable PAC CHECK® Model 820 Package Integrity Test System calculates the real and accurate leak rate of a package. The system produces an absolute leak number based on the application of Poiseuille’s law which yields a total “hole” diameter leak size based on measurements of pressure and flow.

The impact to packagers is that they will now be able to measure in one quick analysis, two critical variables which determine package performance. From this reading, further analysis could be done to set statistical parameters for acceptable product.

Additionally, the unit’s portability allows it to be carried from production line to QA/QC lab, to other manufacturing facilities, or even to perform in-store quality checks on packages.

The PAC CHECK® Model 820 can save up to 400 data points in its internal memory. Information can also be sent to a computer via an RS-232 data line. (MOCON has developed a software package to retrieve the data.) The unit calculates residual O2 and leak detection in both flexible and rigid plastic, metal, glass containers.

Ideal product applications are dry, solid or semi-solid products such as: snack foods, coffee, cheese, meat, cereal, etc.

Another feature is the PAC CHECK® Model 820’s rugged construction. A protective rubber “boot,” which surrounds the unit and a hand strap both minimize the chance of damage. The display screen features 128 x 68 LCD-style graphics and is backlit for easy readability.