No crushed cartons with FRÖVI BRIGHT but a high packaging impact with the right image secured increased sales for Gaiam International.

When Gaiam International were looking to improve the packaging of their POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle trainer they chose John Hampden Packaging in the UK to provide them with cartons that would provide visual impact. Mike Martin - Business Development Manager of John Hampden Packaging said, "When we looked at the brief we had no hesitation in recommending FRÖVI BRIGHT for this high performance packaging."

In effect, POWERbreathe is a gym for the lungs and it trains them to breathe more efficiently. There are three versions on the market. Wellness is for the medical market and can help those with respiratory problems such as asthma; Fitness is aimed at the ordinary man or woman who would like to improve their levels of fitness; and Sports Performance is for the top level athlete looking for world class performance.

"Book pack" with window for added value
It is also world-class performance that was required from the packaging for these high value items. John Hampden Packaging proved to Gaiam that cartons produced in FRÖVI BRIGHT would ensure that the product would reach the marketplace in tip-top condition - the material’s strength made sure that crushed and torn cartons did not occur. Gaiam chose a book-type pack as the added panels gave extra space for the text and instructions for the device - the printability of FRÖVI BRIGHT ensured clarity of text and the window panel gives high product visibility. This all adds up to good on-shelf Packaging Impact.

Increased sales with the right packaging
Gaiam International’s Product Designer, David Spurling said: "Initially we chose a plastic clam-shell and leaflet but this proved unsuitable and did not really provide the right image for our products, since moving to the carton we have seen our sales increase."

Gaiam International creates products and services that promote personal development and healthy living. John Hampden Packaging in Derbyshire produce high quality cartons and packaging solutions for the textiles and non-food markets. FRÖVI BRIGHT is the unique white-backed kraft board manufactured in Sweden by AssiDomän Frövi. It combines the strength properties of traditional kraft materials but the white reverse opens up a multitude of design possibilities.

FRÖVI BRIGHT combines the strength characteristics of unbleached kraftboard with a white and luxurious reverse. The construction of the board uses the well-established Frövi approach - a four layer virgin fibre board with a bleached (TCF= Totally Chlorine Free) clay-coated top layer. The difference with FRÖVI BRIGHT is that it also has a bleached bottom layer, making it unique in the market place. FRÖVI BRIGHT has the right strength properties for weight reduction and smart packaging solutions. Other outstanding characteristics are purity and a good printing surface. Substance range 270 - 390 gsm.

Producer: Gaiam International, UK
Brand: POWERbreathe
Converter: John Hampden Packaging – a subsidiary of Shore to Shore, UK
Cartonboard Supplier: AssiDomän Frövi
Substance: FRÖVI BRIGHT 330 gsm