Brand-owners have to market their products well enough or they lose in-store sales. Increasingly, different types of displays are used to influence the customer when choosing products (moment of truth) in the shop. Buy this, and buy it now!

In today’s consumer society most of the buying decisions are made in-store and the main focus of marketing has changed from advertising in the press to advertising in the shop. Point of Purchase (POP) is the relevant expression and the displays are called Pop-ups. In most cases corrugated board is used but the Estonian company Printcenter have created a smart construction, which is folded for transport and, for this, FRÖVI BRIGHT has proved to be the ideal board material.

Frövi takes the strain
– Frövi takes the strain better than other board materials, says Lauri Lahtmäe, MD at Printcenter. - It is strong and flat and can withstand the folding better, and also is not affected by moist conditions as much as other materials. We have tried different board grades but now we produce all Pop-ups in FRÖVI BRIGHT.

Through fire and water
Printcenter have found their niche and are experts in the Baltic countries when it comes to display and promotional material. In their lobby you can find Pippi Longstocking as well as Jennifer Lopez. 65 % of the production is for export, mainly to Sweden, Finland and Norway. Flexibility is essential when it comes to campaigns and small order sizes, and then you are dependent on a flexible delivery service from the suppliers. For some extremely urgent orders with delivery time "yesterday", they need to have a stock of material but otherwise Frövi can keep up with the demands with rather short notice.

Flexibility is often an attitude, and Lauri stresses how invaluable it is for the business to have employees who are willing to work overtime when necessary. - Perhaps our historical background, where we have had to "go through fire and water" and where an easy-going approach and convenience are not priorities, might give us a competitive edge? When Estonia became independent in 1991 Lauri and his father started production in their garage. Today they have approx. 80 employees and are planning further investments and employment opportunities.

FRÖVI BRIGHT combines the strength characteristics of unbleached kraftboard with a white and luxurious reverse. The construction of the board uses the well-established Frövi approach - a four layer virgin fibre board with a bleached (TCF= Totally Chlorine Free) clay-coated top layer. The difference with FRÖVI BRIGHT is that it also has a bleached bottom layer, making it unique in the market place. FRÖVI BRIGHT has the right strength properties for weight reduction and smart packaging solutions. Other outstanding characteristics are purity and a good printing surface. Substance range 270 - 390 gsm.

Converter: Printcenter, Estonia
Cartonboard Supplier: AssiDomän Frövi
Substance: FRÖVI BRIGHT 390 gsm