The famed MythBusters are out to confirm or bust another myth, and this time they used PAC Machinery Group’s (PMG) VMS 163 vacuum chamber to help them with their myth busting efforts. The MythBusters set out to explore if explosives can tenderize steak. PMG’s VMS 163, a compact tabletop vacuum chamber, was used by MythBusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, to vacuum pack steak. Results will be revealed on an upcoming episode to be aired in May on the Discovery Channel.

The VMS 163 has the features that were needed to produce the perfect specimens for the MythBusters’ experiment. The VMS 163 comes with a see-through clear acrylic cover that allowed them to film the vacuum cycle in operation. The digital controls offer precise adjustment on the level of vacuum and the unit’s compact size was ideal for the test. The VMS also features a stainless steel chamber and double 1/8in seals.

Savage and Hyneman are real machine guys who love good equipment and truly appreciate a machine when it works well. “This equipment was terrific, it really saved us a lot of time and hassle,” Savage said at the blast site. “You will definitely be hearing from us again.”

President of PMG, Serge Berguig, said the MythBusters chose the perfect machine for their myth-busting test on packaged meat.

“We always strive to help our customers find the right equipment for their application,” said Berguig. “Whether it’s testing a myth or helping business owners grow their companies, packaging solutions are what we are all about.”

PAC Machinery Group (PMG), based out of San Rafael, California, is comprised of three long-time packaging machinery companies. Member companies include Vertrod, creator of thermal impulse sealing; Audion Automation which makes automatic baggers, shrink and skin packaging machines; Converting Technology Inc., which manufactures a wide variety of stock and pre-printed bags; and Packaging Aids Corporation which manufactures vacuum gas flush sealers, vacuum chambers, and specialty bag sealers since 1962.