The European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) has recognised the recyclability of ColorMatrix’s oxygen scavenging HyGuard® and light blocking Ultimate UV technologies by concluding that they will have “no negative impact on current European PET recycling”.

Consisting of industry experts from EFBW, UNESDA, EPRO, EUPR and Petcore, the EPBP aims to evaluate technologies and products and to enable new PET packaging innovations. It also looks to optimise the economic and environmental consequences for the European PET recycling industry.

HyGuard is not based on an oxidisable polymer like conventional oxygen scavengers. A catalytic barrier system, it works in conjunction with the bottle closure system, leaving the container wall free of any additive material which may have a negative effect on container clarity and limit its recyclability. As this breakthrough oxygen scavenging system also typically delivers more powerful scavenging capability than current technologies, it is able to offer high-level product protection in lighter weight and smaller portion size PET containers.

Based on current market knowledge and assuming a market penetration of 10%, the EPBP concluded that the HyGuard catalyst formulation HyCat-1 would have no negative impact on current European PET recycling at its maximum use level of 0.1%. In addition, closures containing the activator portion of the HyGuard technology were found to float on the washing water and are therefore removed as normal during the sink/float step of the recycle process.

Ultimate UV390 provides an effective UV barrier allowing less than 10% UV light transmission up to 395nm – the edge of the visible spectrum. Supplied in a liquid dispersion, dosing is highly consistent, offering excellent part clarity and recyclability. Ultimate UV390 can help extend shelf life for UV sensitive food, beverage, personal care and home cleaning products. The EPBP’s evaluation concluded no negative impact on recyclability for Ultimate UV 390-1 and Ultimate UV390.CC-1 at addition rates of 0.15%.

This endorsement follows APR (Association of Post Consumer Plastic Recyclers) recognition for HyGuard and Ultimate UV technologies as fully recyclable under its strict Critical Guidance guidelines. The US-based APR’s Recognition Program supports and endorses companies that successfully design products that meet these voluntary guidelines, helping bottle manufacturers select suppliers with genuine green credentials and understand the impact of new technologies on the recycling stream.

Morag Girdwood, global brand development manager, said: “We are delighted by this news from both the EPBP and APR. ColorMatrix is committed to innovating high performance, sustainable additive technologies that enable lightweighting and recyclability, as well as reduce CO2 and energy requirements during processing. These third-party endorsements by industry experts reflect positively on our ongoing efforts and our aim to advance the sustainability of plastics.”