A new formulation of inks for the Agfa Anapurna M-series of hybrid printers has been introduced. It improves flexibility on a wide range of rigid and flexible materials. This new generation UV-curable formulation, designated G2 UV, is incorporated into all new :Anapurna M machines, with upgrades available for existing models. The :Anapurna G2 inks will be available from June 2010.

Although many of the properties of the new :Anapurna G2 UV inks are the same as the earlier successful formulation in terms of durability and colour vibrancy, the flexibility quotient has been enhanced. This feature enables users to print on to a greater range of substrates that might need to incorporate an element of curvature when installed or which are liable to suffer from stress fatigue.

Sign-makers and display producers will also benefit from being able to produce applications on to substrates which might stretch or shrink when exposed to temperature changes. The :Anapurna G2 inks are formulated so that they do not crack when the material is bent, cut or drilled, providing a more versatile formulation with firm adhesion and scratch resistance.

The stability and adhesion of the :Anapurna G2 inks are important factors when jobs are finished using CNC cutting and routing machines. The new formulation means that clean, smooth edges can be produced without any flaking.

These new inks are also intended to reduce maintenance time and procedures on the printer as the feed, nozzles and print-heads will not clog, even when the machine is not in use. A long shelf-life is also guaranteed as the :Anapurna M-series G2 inks can be stored for 18 months.

The current printers in the :Anapurna M family cover all budgetary and production options, and include versions that incorporate varnish and white ink. Designed as an option for the :Anapurna M, users can opt to switch from G1 to G2 inks. All new machines will ship with the revised product line starting from Q4 2010.

Established as robust UV-curable ink-jet printers which can output to a wide range of rigid and flexible materials, the adoption of the new G2 inks will enhance the potential of all :Anapurna M machines. Adding improved stability and flexibility broadens the portfolio of options available to sign-makers and display producers who want to benefit from a high-quality, low-cost, wide-format solution.