CPS Case Packing Systems in Holland has received an order from Aviko Steenderen to build four case-closing units that use hotmelt instead of tape. With this adaptation it is possible to close the standard American cases (type 0201), as well as the display cases (type 0209). This is a revolutionary change.

The use of hotmelt is much cheaper in contrast with the use of tape: hotmelt is itself cheaper, the production process is simpler, less critical and less jamming-sensitive, and – most importantly – the rent ability of the case closer is much higher.

CPS Case Packing Systems has developed a new case-closer system to close display and standard American cases in one machine by using hotmelt. Display cases (type 0209) have four short flaps, with the result that in the middle there remains an opening after closing. Using this type of case we use less cardboard.

Closing this kind of case with tape is complicated and expensive, because there are only four small adhesive areas whereupon the flaps can be glued and closed in a revolutionary way (so that even slight overfilled cases are closed correctly at a capacity up to 20 cases per minute).

Aviko, the well known Dutch frozen French fries, potatoes and vegetables producer, had high regulations regarding the feasibility and reliability of the whole CPS case packer system. On the four case-packing lines in use a lot of products will be packed and different cases in height and foot print will be used. This results in the closing situation always being different. Aviko made high demands with regards to quality of closing; the case had to be closed correctly at high capacity but the product that remained partly visible not damaged.