OxySense®, Inc., the leader in non-invasive oxygen measurement, announces the launch of the OxySense™ Calibration Chamber which enables OxySense product users to enhance the discrimination and linearity within specific ranges of oxygen concentration.

The calibration chamber is an accessory to the OxySense equipment line and provides an easy method for calibrating oxygen measurement at narrower levels. Currently, each of the OxySense measurement equipment is factory calibrated from 0-21 percent oxygen saturation, 21 percent being the oxygen in ambient air. By calibrating OxySense equipment using the new calibration chamber to calibrate within a narrower range of oxygen e.g. 0-5%, users will achieve more precise discrimination and linearity of their readings.

“This accessory is for those users who need to calibrate our equipment to much lower and more precise levels than what they are currently equipped,” said Peter Gerard, President and CEO of OxySense. “The calibration chamber provides better accuracy within a limited range.”

The calibration chamber is designed to work with OxySense’s two laboratory oxygen measurement products – the OxySense 4000B, and the OxySense™ 210T. Based the revolutionary OxyDot, an illuminated oxygen-sensitive sensor, the OxySense line provides accurate oxygen measurement in packages without the necessity for invasive techniques, such as needles.

The 210T and the stand-alone 4000B are ideally suited for research and development and quality assurance programs in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and bio-medical industries. The OxyDot is inserted into the packaging prior to filling and then readings are made with a fiber-optic reader/pen on the outside of the package, therefore eliminating the need to open the container or break the packaging with any device while measuring oxygen levels. The system can measure the oxygen in both the headspace and also dissolved in the contents of the same package. Results are accurate and, most importantly, real time.