You can’t pack an occasion but you can present a pack that symbolizes and enhances an occasion and image, and in that way give so much more added value to the content.

In this case London’s ‘Parker Williams Design’ developed the identity, packaging and point-of-sale for a new premium brand of freshly made gourmet canapés available over the bar for theatre-goers. The product was launched on Valentine’s Day this year in the UK to emphasise the romantic theme of an evening at the theatre. However the Theatre Box will enhance a trip to the theatre on any day of the year.

The brief for the Theatre Box products was to create an elegant, sophisticated brand, which evoked the special feeling of the theatre-going occasion and positioned the canapés as a luxurious treat. This is reflected in the logo, the E-A-T within the word "theatre" is subtly highlighted.

Korsnäs an obvious choice
FRÖVI CARRY was quickly recognised as the obvious choice due to its strength and excellent quality feel, coupled with its neutral taint and odour characteristics so important with packaging coming into direct food contact. Another demand for the pack was for it to withstand multiple opening and closing with no evident visual effect of wear and tear – this it comfortably achieves. “FRÖVI CARRY has certainly helped the Theatre Box in achieving its current level of success", says Mr Peter Hargreaves, Sales Director at Alexir Packaging Ltd.

Alexir Packaging Ltd produced the packs using FRÖVI CARRY 350 gsm, printing in 3 colours with registered matt and gloss UV varnishes.

FRÖVI CARRY offers protection and safe handling for heavy products. The construction of the board uses the well-established Korsnäs approach - a four layer virgin fibre board with an unbleached bottom layer and a bleached (TCF = Totally Chlorine Free) clay-coated top layer. FRÖVI CARRY has the right strength properties for weight reduction and smart packaging solutions and is well-known for its high tear resistance, which has always been superior to our competitors’ boards. Other outstanding characteristics are purity and a good printing surface. Substance range 350 - 425 gsm.

Producer: Theatre Box, UK
Designer: Parker Willams Design, UK
Converter: Alexir Packaging Ltd, UK
Cartonboard Producer: Korsnäs
Substancce: FRÖVI CARRY 350 gsm