New thinking met tradition in the Gift Packaging category of the Students Starpack Award 2006. The brief was designed by Marks & Spencer in co-operation with Presentation Products and cartonboard producer Korsnäs (earlier AssiDomän Frövi). The target was to create packaging which promotes a successful brand image for luxury gift packaging for Christmas 2006. This category proved the most popular in the competition and received 68 entries.

Mulled Wine and Whisky "Selections" were both considered for this brief, the latter achieveving the most attention, winning two gold and five silver awards. Whisky Selections - a traditional male gift – has been a successful line for Marks & Spencer for many years and needs to be updated through the packaging format. The aim is to move away from the established format where the bottles are presented in a row and to extend the appeal across a wider age span.

Korsnäs (earlier AssiDomän Frövi) has a long tradition of whisky packaging thanks to the strength properties of its materials, which offer good protection to the product. The students demonstrated through their entries that you can both protect and have high packaging impact with a creative packaging design, which in this case did not have to be Christmas specific.