Moldova is the little country between Ukraine and Romania that produces some of the world’s finest and most exquisite white wines; but it is also the brand new tactical board game that introduces a new concept in general knowledge for people between nine and 100 years. It is claimed to be big, beautiful and British, but the board is Swedish - it is manufactured by Frövi Carry.

The producer, SG Games, had first tried corrugated board, but was not happy with the results, because of tearing corners and poor print result caused by flute shadows. They therefore contacted Alexir Packaging, who suggested Frövi Carry meet the demands with heavy content (2kg) and heavy-wear packaging, as well as demanding distribution with online sales.


"After some tests we found out that Frövi Carry 425gsm was the perfect choice," said Mr Peter Hargreaves, Business Development Director at Alexir Packaging. "With Frövi Carry, we got a strong, high-quality box that withstands demanding transport. The coating enables an excellent print finish as good as - or even better than - FBB, and without the associated problems of corrugated board. Our customer is very happy, as the sales have far exceeded expectations."

The construction of the board uses the well-established Frövi approach - a four-layer virgin fibre board with an unbleached bottom layer and a bleached Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) clay-coated top layer. Frövi Carry has the right strength properties for weight reduction and smart packaging solutions, and is well-known for its high tear resistance, which has always been superior to our competitors’ boards. Other outstanding characteristics are purity and a good printing surface. Frövi Carry’s substance range is 350gsm - 425gsm.

  • Producer: SG Games, the United Kingdom
  • Converter: Alexir Packaging Ltd, the United Kingdom
  • Cartonboard producer: Korsnäs AB, Sweden
  • Substance: FRÖVI CARRY 425gsm