Today’s brands increasingly demand intensified speed to market, whilst maintaining consistency and having the ability to make last minute changes. This is why ODIN brand toolbox was developed. ODIN brand toolbox facilities include:

  • Brand rules creation
  • Automatic artwork generation
  • Localised marketeer

The key business benefits of ODIN brand toolbox include:

  • Improved speed and reduced cost in the graphics process
  • Elimination of artwork errors as new files can be automatically generated
  • Rapid amendment and reporting on which files carry which rules / text
  • Right first time approach
  • Language generator from pre-defined replacement rules

The brand toolbox solution includes the following sub modules:

Brand rules

This module allows clients to set business rules around graphic and textual content to ensure elements are consistently applied, and can be updated centrally. These user defined rules can be set up to take account of complex logic and once defined will proactively police the guidelines before being placed into the artwork. Indeed in many cases simply defining the product information will generate a vast majority of the on pack information.

Automatic artwork generation

ODIN’s brand toolbox technology consumes the verified data to produce a physical piece of artwork taking dieline and master templates from the online library within ODIN brand toolbox. Artwork is automatically generated using the rules set in the database to define minimum point size, data hierarchy, relationship between elements, position and other key known attributes.

The result is a highly efficient process of information generation, validation and artwork generation. The amend process is also revolutionised by using this product as changes in the rules can automatically update the physical artwork depending on its status and user roles and rights.

Take an example where the physical address or website of a brand changes, today this would be a huge task to visit every piece of media and update this information, however using ODIN brand toolbox, the address rule would simply be changed and thousands of new artworks could be automatically generated.

Localised marketeer

With the growth of global brands there is a growing challenge to create promotional material that appeals locally but has a generic layout defined and controlled centrally. This often involves each region creating their own materials using their own design and print processes and costs.

ODIN’s brand toolbox localised marketeer provides a method to create templates for marketing material such as in store flyers or even simple weekly newsletters. These templates contain placeholders that can be semi or fully automatically modified for different regions. The process of design and development and even production of the promotional material can therefore be centralised. This maximises the effect of the material whilst minimising the costs of production on the brand owner.