The VC999 K7 is the ideal vacuum packaging machinery for all industrial production needs. It is compact, efficient and allows flexible application. No matter whether just one product size is to be packaged continuously or a variety of tasks require processing: the K7 will satisfy all your packaging demands.

The fully enclosed design is intended for industrial requirements. To guarantee quick-and-easy cleaning and perfect hygiene at all times, the K7 has a stainless-steel design without corners and edges where dirt could collect.

Programming is child’s play thanks to the operator-friendly design. Moreover, frequently used/proven settings can be saved, thus practically eliminating erroneous effects.

To protect the products being packaged, the VC999 K7 also vacuums up to the evaporation point. The machine offers bi-active sealing bars with electronic temperature control and controllable contact pressure.

Sealing occurs quickly and safely, even when faced with heavy creases, grease or product liquids, and it is possible to set two sealing heights. Machinery control and programming is carried out via soft keys.

Process visualization and the possibility to switch to various languages are also provided. The VC999 K7 can also be integrated in a packaging or shrink line.

Further technical details:

  • Linear, functional design
  • Ergonomic work surfaces
  • Chamber volume reduction via filler
  • Conveyor belt with quick-release attachment for easy cleaning
  • Optional trim removal
  • Optional pre-perforation
  • High resolution colour display, can be operated from both sides
  • Remote maintenance possible via standard interfaces (depends on the customer’s infrastructure)