How is a piece of ultramodern converting equipment, weighing 12t, delivered to the second floor of the slitting department at monta Klebebandwerk in Immenstadt? In a balance-act that has been planned out to the minute, two 50ft cranes have been able to accomplish this in a few hours. This scene has played out nine times since the company’s management buyout in 1998 and on 27 October 2010 the installation team proved themselves once more when the second entirely automated Ghezzi & Annoni slitter was delivered.

Fully operational from 2 November, the new slitter runs in three shifts as does its ‘twin’, which was installed in June 2010. Both lines handle 2,000mm wide jumbos and can convert PVC, BOPP, MOPP, PET and other tape products to varying widths (12mm – 150mm) and lengths (up to 200m). Material is converted at speeds of 200m/min – 500m/min, depending on the base material. Since the slitter is connected to the fully automated packaging lines, the operators serve mainly as quality supervision.

Investing approximately €2m during the economically challenging year of 2009 demonstrates the commitment of monta Klebebandwerk not only to maintain the level of quality expected by the customers, the quality system of DIN EN ISO 14001:2005, but also to further advance it. Key goals are the continuous improvement of the production accuracy and enhanced working conditions, especially concerning noise levels.

Combine one of the most modern pieces of natural rubber coating equipment the world of adhesive tape has to offer with state-of the-art converting machines, add a great team building strong relationships with customers and suppliers, and monta emerges as the leading producer of natural rubber adhesive packaging tapes.