GMG, developer and supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, is pleased to announce that GMG contone and halftone proofing solutions support the brand-new Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer to enable the production of top-quality contract-level packaging proofs.

GMG’s ColorProof contone proofing software and the halftone modules FlexoProof XG and DotProof XG ensure that GMG’s unrivaled quality and repeatability can be produced even for spot colors and white simulation in flexographic, offset and gravure printing. The Epson Stylus Pro WT7900’s new water-based white ink enables high-density white tints and accurate overlays needed for packaging proof applications.

Compared with traditional proofing solutions, such as the DuPont Cromalin analogue proofing system and Kodak Approval, or press proofs, agencies, prepress businesses, print houses and brand owners can now produce with the GMG/Epson solution digital proofs at a fraction of the current costs. Due to the ease of use of the GMG software, the required time to create new color profiles and to produce the proofs digitally is reduced dramatically. Users have already given an enthusiastic reception to the extreme simplification of their workflow leading to color accurate print simulation of the print on transparent foils.

“This printing system is the best and most economic solution for contract packaging proofs,” says Kenneth Hostyn, proofing manager at Athena Graphics, prepress specialist for packaging printing. “We experience 75% time savings as all manual steps which previously had been required became unnecessary overnight.” Additionally, costs for consumables are reduced by up to 90%.

The groundbreaking color management technology implemented in the GMG printer driver provides the best possible color accuracy and repeatability achievable using a digital proofing system. Unlike many competitive products, GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof produce genuine, absolutely color-accurate halftone proofs by directly processing 1-bit imagesetter data, so that they can be inexpensively proofed on inkjet printers, and errors detected at an early stage.

According to Dominic Weschle, technical consultant for Print Color Management at Janoschka’s headquarter in Kippenheim, Germany, “customers have been immediately impressed by the high-quality proofing results on transparent materials and are extremely happy that they quickly see an accurate preview of the final product.” This allows for faster communication and prepress approval cycles, which is of crucial importance for suppliers and their clients as product lifecycles become increasingly shorter.

High-quality remote proofing is another core application due to the unique calibration and profiling technology of GMG. Automated production workflows and highest repeatability of perfect color results guarantee the same high quality of packaging proofs at different locations.

Orders for the GMG/Epson digital proofing system are being taken now with shipments in January 2010.