At Biopharmacéutica 2008 in Mexico, Romaco will be presenting the fastest horizontal intermittent cartoner of its class: the Promatic P91 S. With a maximum output of 140 folding boxes per minute, this compact plant is setting new standards for the packaging industry.

Romaco’s Bosspak RTC 15 tablet and capsule counter has impressive counting technology. The sensor-controlled Quad-Count system captures the products to be counted from all sides and is able to discard damaged tablets.

The FrymaKoruma Dinex vacuum processing plant for manufacturing liquid and semisolid forms is equipped with a powerful homogenizer, designed in accordance with the rotor-stator principle. Two bypass pipes provide flexible adjustments to the process parameters and allow extremely variable batch sizes. These products can be seen on stand 210 at Biopharmacéutica in Mexico City on 8-10 October 2008.

High performance

The Promatic P91 S horizontal intermittent cartoner from Romaco is considered the fastest in its class. With a maximum output of 140 cartons per minute, it is the first to achieve the same level of performance as continuous cartoners. This means it is setting new benchmarks for packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in folding boxes.

The plant is designed so that any change in format can be made directly by the shift personnel. This accelerates production runs, particularly for small batch sizes, and provides a consistent product flow. The machine is operated using a touch-screen, which monitors the individual production steps fully automatically, and makes adjustments if required. In this way, all of the secondary packaging processes are controlled flexibly and efficiently.

The balcony structure and the compact design of the P91 S cartoner allow good access to all machine parts. This facilitates loading the folding boxes and makes it easier to carry out any cleaning work. The plant is fully equipped with actuators, which means a significant reduction in noise for the operating personnel. All movement sequences are additionally harmonized through the use of hydraulics.

A Venturi vacuum unit additionally guarantees gentle product handling in the picking up and opening of the folding boxes, and in the placement of the package inserts. The total transfer of materials runs over toothed pulleys, which means that there is absolutely no use of chains or toothed wheels. This results in low maintenance costs and high capacity utilization.

Highest counting accuracy

The Bosspak RTC 15 tablet and capsule counter by Romaco is particularly striking thanks to its high counting accuracy in semi and fully-automated applications. It is primarily suited to small and medium-sized batches, as well as for use in medical research. The RTC 15 provides a suitable solution for a wide range of products, be they tablets, capsules, dragees, suppositories or soft gelatine capsules. This flexibility also extends to the size and specific properties of the applications to be counted.

In order to prevent static charges, the Bosspak tablet counter is equipped with specially coated aluminium pans. Programmable parameters and tool-less adjustment to respective formats additionally increase the productivity of the plant and optimize the counting procedures.

Using a unique feed system, the applications pass through the filling funnel to the sorting disk, where they are individually arranged and counted. The patented Quad-Count sensor matrix counter captures the products to be counted from four sides of the counting head. This is a 100% increase in the counting zone compared to conventional procedures.

A fail-safe control of all sensors provides additional system security. Furthermore, the optical measuring system is able to identify and discard any damaged products. Following the counting procedure, the products are filled into bottles, individually and free of vibration, which crucially increases product safety.