“Stand out and deliver a promise”

Ritter Sport took a bold step into new territory when launching Schokowürfel at spring 2004. The famous chocolate square has added a third dimension with the flow-wrapped chocolate cubes. Ritter Sport have been consistent in their branding throughout the years where the square shaped bars in bold colours have been a brand icon. With the Schokowürfel they have developed the concept further and are aiming at the premium chocolate segment. “The launching of the new Schokowürfel has been a success and the sales figures have exceeded our expectations. The pack is crucial for sales, especially for a new product. It has to stand out and deliver a promise”, says Mrs Martina Bauer, Packaging Development at Ritter Sport.

Light Enjoyment Served in FRÖVI BRIGHT

The pack is eye-catching and designed for the target group “Active and modern women who want a light enjoyment – alone or sharing with friends”. The lid has small windows showing the content and when opened, the base which is printed both sides folds out as a serving plate. A unique opening ensures that the box is tamper proof. FRÖVI BRIGHT 300 gsm was chosen as this construction needs a flexible and strong board but also because of the well defined taint- and odour properties that are characteristic for the Frövi board.

Frövi for Printability and Runnability

“Looking at results of several tests with different materials, FRÖVI BRIGHT clearly proved to be the best material for the high demands of this construction, regarding printability and runnability”, says Mr Lars Hahn, Key Accoount Manager at the converter MMP Graphia. “With the bleached and bright reverse we could print on both sides of the base. The coating gives very good print results at high machine speeds and despite the demanding edge construction of the base – where crease folds and cuts meet each other – and the complex glueing, the package performs well without disturbances in the filling line.”

Brand: Schokowürfel

Producer: Ritter Sport, Germany

Converter: MMP Graphia, Germany

Cartonboard Supplier: AssiDomän Frövi

Substance: FRÖVI BRIGHT 300 gsm