Testing thousands of packages can be a daunting task for any lab. This process is only further complicated when the facility manager is under a time crunch. With this in mind, OxySense, the industry leader in non-invasive oxygen measurement, has added the Kinesis Remote Capture Switch (RCS) to their accessory line for the OxySense 4000B system.

“The OxySense 4000B has garnered a reputation for being one of the most effective and reliable non-invasive oxygen measurement systems available. With the addition of the Kinesis remote capture switch, it also becomes one of the most efficient,” said Peter Gerard, president and CEO of OxySense.

By utilizing the Kinesis RCS, laboratory technicians are able to quickly and easily capture readings from the OxySense 4000B system without the use of a mouse or keyboard. Users simply align the EasAlign Pen and depress the Kinesis RCS with their foot or free hand. The OxySense 4000B and the Kinesis RCS do the rest.

“We are committed to making the OxySense 4000B as user-friendly as possible, while still allowing for advanced controls and modification through the Windows interface. Adding the Kinesis RCS to our accessory line furthers that commitment and helps to ensure the usability of the OxySense 4000B for our customers,” continued Gerard.